Pakistan Tea House

Pakistan Tea House
tel:(212) 240-9800

176 Church St (bet Duane & Reade) 10013


7 Days:10am- 4am
free Delivery in the city!





The place to eat with your family and friends and enjoying the fresh healthy meals is not that far away from you anymore. pakistan tea house has been serving fresh, tasty meals  for 15 years in lower manhattan. This food is phenomenally good, and very cheap. For $6, you can get a heaping mound of chicken makhani and two vegetable curries over basmati rice.


This place rules. The owner Amjad Iqbal  slings daal like your momses does- that is, if she learned how to cook while kicking it in Gujrat (famous pakistani city) .The vegetables outplay the meats- nothing can stop the three-dish Vegetable Combo from putting up a triple-double. And at $5.49, the Combo will never create salary cap concerns.

The Menu


Samosas - crispy flaky crust w/ spiced potatoes & peas $1.25
Vegetable Pakoras - vegetable fritters served w/ chutney $1.50
Chicken Pakoras - spiced chicken fritters $2.00
Assorted Appetizers $3.75

Nan - unleavened bread baked in clay oven $1.49
Peshawari Nan $2.49
Roti - flat whole wheat baked bread $1.49
Paratha - multi-layered whole wheat bread $2.49
Onion Kulcha - nan stuffed w/ spiced onions $2.99
Aloo Paratha - paratha stuffed w/ mildly spiced potatoes $2.99
Keema Paratha/ Nan - wheat flour bread stuffed w/ mildly spiced minced lamb $3.49
Curried Rice Pilaf w/ Mixed Vegetables $6.49
Curried Rice Pilaf w/ Chicken or Lamb $8.49
Pakistani Chefe Special Biryani $7.99

House Salad $4.49
Raita - fresh spiced yogurt w/ cucumber & tomato $3.49
Homemade Plain Yogurt $2.49
Mango Chutney or Hot Pickles $0.75

Vegetarian Entrees
served w/ rice, salad, & coriander chutney
Daal Saag - lentils w/ spinach
Mixed Vegetables $7.99
Cauliflower, Peas, & Tomato $7.99
Chick Peas w/ Spinach & Tomato $7.99
Bhendi Masala $5.95
Lentil Sauteed w/ Ginger & Garlic $5.99
Saag Paneer - spinach & homemade cheese $5.99

Dal Makhani - black lentils & kidney beans slowly simmered together, flavored w/ tomatoes, ginger & exotic spices $5.99
Navratna Korma - assorted vegetables cooked in a creamy cashew & almond sauce $7.99

Some reviews

Tandoori - From Clay Oven
served w/ , salad, & coriander chutney
Chicken Tikka $8.49
Chicken Seekh Kabab $1.99
Lamb Seekh Kabab $2.49

Chicken Tandoori $7.99
Chicken Selections
served w/ rice, salad, & coriander chutney
Chicken Curry $6.99
Chicken Saag $6.99
Chicken Makhani - boneless chicken $7.49
Chicken Mughlai - boneless chicken $7.99
Chicken Tikka Masala $7.99
Chicken Jalfrazie $6.99
Lamb Selections
served w/ rice, salad, & coriander chutney
Lamb Curry w/ Vegetable $7.99
Lamb w/ Spinach $7.99
Lamb Mughlai $7.99
Karahi Gosht - cooked in wok $7.99
Chef's Specialties
served w/ rice, salad, & coriander chutney
Keema Fry $6.99
Balti Gosh - a traditional preparation of chicken in traditional peshawari balti/ wok $7.99
Vindaloo - choose between lamb, chicken, or shrimp $7.99

Ras Malai $2.99
Gulab Jamun $1.99
Kheer $2.99

Lassi - plain, sweet, or salty $1.99
Mango or Banana Lassi $2.99
Coke/ Diet Coke/ 7-Up
only (can)
Mango Juice/ Arizona/ Snapple $1.99
Tea/ Coffee/ Decaf $1.00
Pakistani Special Spiced Tea $1.00

Don't forget to pick up some seductive ras malai before you leave.

Best place for Pakistani food near BMCC, We loved it and still like it. I will appreciate if they improve their serving style; their serving style is like getting food in prism /:). As far as taste concern, food is tasty and fresh. I never mind going there just to have taste of my old school days.

zabardast- its good to have places wheer our own food is sold... reminds of home.. thanks so much.. qulaity and cleanliness is remarkable!! Non- Pakistanis or people from all other faiths and nationalities, ethnic groups are welcome alike... great.

Definately good food w/a good price. A great place to eat if u work in that area. Also a good place to stop by if u r in that area. Meals start at $5.

Good food. I just cant stand the new lady behind the counter. Me and friends regular patrons.

"Food is very good and moneys worth , may be more than that but not less. Any time of the day .. a great place to eat"

"This small restaurant is a busy place 24-7. Lunch times are always busy, because of college students and cabbies. If you can get a seat, you are in for a treat. Even though they lack a menu due to their buffet style serving, they always have a wide variety of food. This restaurant have vegetable and non vegetable platters, which are a bargain at for the money. Since they are a normal restaurant, they have more food then just the platters. Downtown location make this place ideal for late night takeout or a quick bite to eat. This place not so clean due to high foot traffic but the food makes up for the decorations."

"The most delicious Pakistani food in that area. Tremendous value for money. Heavily crowded during the lunch-time hours, lines extend to the pavement. Open 24 hours of the day."

Posted by Wakka Masala on 12/08/2004
Holy Makahni Combo

This place has many a time sent me happily to the seventh floor post lunch. Be sure to ask for the chana masala, because it is hidden below all of the other popular trays (they hide the good stuff for the regulars).

Posted by Adam on 08/13/2004
Best chicken makhani in New York

This food is phenomenally good, and very cheap. For $6, you can get a heaping mound of chicken makhani and two vegetable curries over basmati rice. For $5, you can get the vegetarian equivalent with 3 vegetable curries. Not only are the portions very filling, but the flavor is incredible. Fresh naan is baked on the premises, and that is also delicious. Pitchers of cold water are available with your food, and the staff is very friendly as well. There is not much seating room, but this place is one of my favorite places to eat in all of Manhattan.

Posted by Downtown Desi on 05/16/2004
Good Food,

While the tikkas and breads are better than average at this downtown's Cabbie delight, the delivery service is simply horrid. If you want a unique Indian diningexperience, drop by their restaurant for a plate of freshly prepared meals. For delivery, let me save you a phone call and tell you what they would tell you, "sorry, no delivery today."

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